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Born in Paris but raised in Fontainebleau&the Alps. Outdoors lover and climbing enthusiast since day one. Entrepreneur by heart. Essential oils healer.

My name is Caroline Sinno. I have been climbing since I was a kid. Raised by my dad in Fontainebleau and by my grandma in the Alps, I love every aspects of climbing but I especially love bouldering. I am an engineer in Material Science and I have a double degree in Marketing Management but I am an entrepreneur by heart. I wanted to create my own business and to give back to the climbing community.


I got into natural medicines and in particular essential oils when I picked my first serious finger injuries. I couldn't climb and got an MRI- but nothing wrong appeared on the scan and I didn't know where the pain came from. After a lot of research and with the help of an osteopath, I learnt a lot about myofascial release and plants&herbs against pain and inflammation. I want to combine both to give climbers the possibility of being healthy, recover faster and prevent injuries. Here it is.. Crimp Oil is born, the first self-massage climbing therapy. I am also the founder of Girls in Bleau association, a non-profit organization that promotes and helps women climbing in Fontainebleau.

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