July 1, 2017

Ce jeudi 29 juin 2017, je suis très content d'avoir pu enchaîner mon projet du moment à la grotte de Sabart en Ariège.

C'est une voie de 45 mètres environ qui raye tout le plafond de la grotte (un bon 25 mètres de plafond) et qui connecte un 8c+ suivi d'un 8c, deux voies équipées par le local visionnaire Philippe Girard. C'est justement lui qui m'avait parlé de la voie il y a un ou 2 ans, alors que je lui disais yque ce n'était pas normal qu'il n'y ait pas de 9a dans une telle grotte il m'a répondu que de prolonger le 8c+ 'Descente aux enfers' par le 8c de conti 'Terra incognita' serait sans aucun doute 9a.

A l'époque je n'avais pa...

May 19, 2017

How it it to be a woman in a men-dominated sport?

The first thing coming to my mind while reading this question is if climbing’s still a men-dominated sport?

Well, I can say that where I live, it definitely is!

I am based in the Frankenjura which is a crag well-known for its powerful moves and very painful holds, so probably not the cliché area that girls would like to try hard projects. T

To be honest, this is even a fact that motivates me even more to try hard stuff in Franken.

I'd like to push the level of women climbing here, and it is of course not just me..

We have a small community of badass women who cl...

March 9, 2017

I have decided to organize my life around my two passions: climbing and music.

One of the most evident questions that result from this dream is how I use and take care of my hands. 

I need my fingers to be strong and powerful enough to carry the weight of my body when I climb and at the same time I need them to be fast and flexible in order to have a good dexterity to play the flute. 

This is my starting point.

Day after day, I am searching for aptitudes to make it possible.

One of them is to have an attitude where I listen to my body and try to put my mind at his service in order not to get injured.

I feel like my body knows what it i...

October 24, 2016

I've been trying this climb called la cicatrice de l'Ohm in Font since last August. I know it seems weird to be climbing in Font in August but we had some cool cond! I never even heard of this boulder until the first time I tried it. It is located in a very remote and unknown area- la mare aux Corneilles and I can tell you that almost no one climbs there (except me ha!). When I first saw it, imagine you are going down a little valley and then you see this majestic big boat-shaped bloc, I was so surprised by its beauty and its rock quality. It is a very pure line following the rock formation. I am still surprised it is unknown....

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