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Being a woman in climbing by Lena Herrmann

How it it to be a woman in a men-dominated sport?

The first thing coming to my mind while reading this question is if climbing’s still a men-dominated sport?

Well, I can say that where I live, it definitely is!

I am based in the Frankenjura which is a crag well-known for its powerful moves and very painful holds, so probably not the cliché area that girls would like to try hard projects. T

To be honest, this is even a fact that motivates me even more to try hard stuff in Franken.

I'd like to push the level of women climbing here, and it is of course not just me..

We have a small community of badass women who climb crazy hard in those powerful routes of Franken. I am neither an insider of this girl-group, nor do i climb with them quite often (I prefer climbing with my hood, which is 95% guys!), but I did never notice any negative feelings against each others.

What we all girls have in common, at least from my point of view, is that we get the respect from the scene.

Of course I already met some guys who were seriously pissed when a thin blond girl crushed their project before them, but that is rare.

I really think we receive respect, support and congratulations for trying hard from the boys.

Lena sending the classic 'Sceptre d'Ottokar' 8B/+ at Tarn crag one month ago during her trip to South of France

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